Origins of Perfection

Single Origin Coffee

At Queen of Versailles Coffee, we always strive to provide you with the purest, smoothest reserve coffee possible. We are proud to cultivate single-origin coffee beans; this means that each individual coffee cherry is planted, inspected, and roasted fully on-site, straight from the grounds of our volcanic Finca to your doorstep.

Unlike other coffee brands, our crops are cultivated free of mold and pesticides, with a fully traceable, transparent roasting process overseen by our Master Blender. While other companies utilize harmful chemicals and pollutants engineered to remove burnt, bitter-tasting residue from overly acidic soil, our farming practices rely on creating a fully self-sustained cultivation process.

Each can is individually numbered to strictly reinforce our commitment to providing a truly single-origin coffee-tasting experience for the distinguishing connoisseur. Awarded an elite 87 out of 100 possible points by the Specialty Coffee Association, Queen of Versailles is coffee fit for a queen.

Origins of Perfection

Our pride stems from our meticulous craftsmanship. Akin to fine wine-making processes emulated by esteemed vineyards, Queen of Versailles Coffee is always sourced thoughtfully and selectively. Our cherries are hand-picked from a selection of the finest volcanic high-altitude Geisha and Arabica coffee plants in the world, naturally preserved to maintain their inherent minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants.

From roasting to packaging to delivery, Queen of Versailles Coffee is dedicated to upholding a fully farm-to-home model, reducing the average shipping time by 50% and ensuring that you receive the freshest coffee possible. This is what differentiates Queen of Versailles Coffee from commercial mass-produced coffee brands.

Cultivated with Care,
Packaged with Intention

In accordance with Queen of Versailles Coffee’s sustainability pledge, each can of single-origin coffee is meticulously numbered by hand in limited edition batches, ensuring that each cultivation provides as many ripe coffee cherries as possible while still maintaining nutrient-rich volcanic soil for the future harvests.

Whereas other brands scorch hectares of land to mask imperfections, Queen of Versailles Coffee cherry cultivation is always a fully traceable, transparent, and self-sustaining process. Our commitment to quality and sustainability elevates not just the taste, but the entire coffee-drinking experience.

By the end of the process, what we’re creating is the most pure, green, and preservative-free coffee, just the way you like it.

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