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Coffee Fit For A Queen

Queen of Versailles Coffee was founded with the mission of being the world’s first ultra-premium coffee brand, offering you a master reserve selection of green, single-origin, high-altitude coffee beans from the volcanic soil of Acatenango region, Guatemala.

On a quest for the finest tasting coffee which eluded her amongst established premium brands, founder Jackie Siegel decided to set out on a journey to make her own. After traveling the globe in search of the world’s richest coffee beans, she found them 5,383 feet high in the arid volcanic mountains of Acatenango, and it’s been a wonderful journey to Queen of Versailles Coffee ever since.
After falling in love with the people and cultures of Guatemala, Jackie decided to make the country the official home of Queen of Versailles Coffee’s Finca. As the elevation and plentiful shade add to Queen of Versailles Coffee’s unique flavor profile, as does our self-sustaining honey water propagation, which adds a natural, innate sweetness to the coffee cherries.

With Queen of Versailles Coffee, you can always guarantee the smoothest, most high-quality coffee drinking experience possible, with grounds from coffee cherries which have been planted, cultivated to full maturity, and hand-picked – straight from our Finca to your home.

Queen of Versailles Coffee’s goal is to craft the most opulent coffee brand in the world, created for everyone from the most distinguishing coffee connoisseur to the everyday latte drinker. Awarded with a renowned 87+ out of 100 points by the Specialty Coffee Association – one of the most prominent and exclusive coffee-rating consortiums in the world – Queen of Versailles is the unequivocal luxury coffee choice.

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