We Take Sustainability Seriously

Our devotion to providing livable working conditions, on-site environmental safety, and well-being to the people who help cultivate, process, and source on our farm in Guatemala runs throughout the entire Queen of Versailles ethos. Without our incredible, dedicated farmers, this coffee would not be made possible.

At Queen of Versailles Coffee, we believe that the strength of our coffee lies in the hands that cultivate it. Our labor practices are guided by principles of respect, fairness, and dignity. We ensure that our farmers receive fair wages and operate in a safe and healthy work environment. We foster the surrounding region, focusing on education and healthcare to enhance the quality of life for local Guatemalans.

Sustainable Farming Practices

In accordance with Queen of Versailles Coffee’s sustainability pledge, each canister of single-origin coffee is meticulously numbered by hand in limited edition batches, ensuring that each cultivation provides as many ripe coffee cherries as possible while still maintaining nutrient-rich volcanic soil for the future harvests. Whereas other brands scorch hectares of land to mask imperfections, Queen of Versailles Coffee cherry cultivation is always a fully traceable, transparent, and self-sustaining process. Our commitment to quality and sustainability elevates not just the taste, but the entire coffee-drinking experience.

By the end of the process, what we’re creating is the most pure, green, and preservative-free coffee, just the way you like it.

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